Terms and Conditions

  • NBS Business Consulting agrees to provide services as per the offering mentioned on the website/ brochure of the company at the time of enrolment.
  • NBS Business Consulting tries its best to conduct the seminar at the same venue which was communicated at the time of registration but reserves the right to change the location/ venue in case of any emergency/ absolute necessity for a change without citing any reasons for the said change.
  • The seminars shall be conducted by Subject Matter Expert Trainer and NBS Business Consulting has the right to change the Trainer if required.
  • NBS Business Consulting agrees to conduct the training with best trainers available in the specific domain.  
  • NBS Business Consulting shall provide training materials/necessary books at the venue of the seminar or within 7 working days after the seminar.
  • For any reason, if a registered participant for a seminar is unable to attend the seminar at a given city/ place, he/she can participate in another seminar conducted in a different city/ place at no extra cost. But all other costs like travelling, boarding, lodging etc will have to be borne by the participants only.