How to Raise Funds for Your Business - 225 Different Practical Ways

How to Raise Funds for Your Business - 225 Different Practical Ways

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So you are on the lookout for Funds for Your Business? Isn’t it?

As a Business Entrepreneur, how many ways do you know to Raise Funds for your Business? Are you depending only on Banks for all your financial needs? Have you ever wondered, what are the other options left for Business Entrepreneurs after their Banks have rejected their Proposal for a Business Loan?

Banks have found out more ways to disapprove your Loan than to approve it. Banks just do not entertain, if you do not have solid income proof. After the Bank, you only think about mortgaging your house or pledging family Jewellery. Scary, Isn’t it?

Fortunately! You have come to the right place now!

We are in the business of advising and offering very innovative Ideas, Life changing suggestions and Game changing strategies on “How to Raise Funds for Your Business” which can be implemented – “Right Today & Now!”

Without the proper know-how & guidance, don’t waste your precious “Time & Money” anymore, chasing funds for your business. You will save a huge fortune by avoiding running behind banks, avoid years of hard work, continuous follow-ups, never ending documentation, losses & the frustration of failure, if you heed to our expert guidance, suggestions and advise.

We provide guidance, suggestions & ideas by way of Independent Consulting, Business Seminars & Programs. Our Consulting, Seminars & Programs will surely change the way you do Business in the future and will radically change your Life for the Good in the future!

Look to the future because that’s where you will spend the rest of your life. – George Burns

All our Programs are great Game Changers & Life changers! They will definitely change your Future. Our Programs are Great Eye Opener for Entrepreneurs, looking for Funds to improve & expand their business. Our Seminars are so very unique, they are literally the First of its kind in the World.

Raising Funds for the Business is the Biggest Challenge that any Entrepreneur anywhere in the world would face. In fact this is the biggest obstacle that aspiring Entrepreneurs are facing all over the world. An Entrepreneur would face some of the most awkward moments of his life during such situations. The Biggest problem is faced by Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise owners.

Nowhere in the world, anybody has ever made an attempt to explain – “How to Raise Funds for your Business?”.

Worldwide, Did you know that

 80-85% of all Business Loan Proposals, submitted to Banks are rejected?

 97% of all Proposals submitted to Investment Bankers are rejected?

 Only 2-3 Proposals out of every 200 are picked up by Venture capitalists?

Experts in the field of Financial Management have never attempted to write or even discuss on the subject “How to Raise Funds?”. Experts all over the world have discussed & have literally dissected every minute aspects of Financial Management except this subject of “How to Raise Funds?”.

Even the leading Business Consulting Firms all over the world, only discuss how to manage “Your Funds” and everything related to “Your Funds” and nothing on “How to Raise Funds?”.

Experts all over the world have explained only about 10-12 ways of Raising Funds. The same 10-12 ways are explained in various permutations & combinations & most of them are very repetitive and most of them are very well known by all. Nothing New, at all !

Are there any other Real Alternatives? Is there any Hope?
Unfortunately, the answer is a very frightful – “None”. Isn’t it?

So, Is this the end of the World for Business Entrepreneurs, when it comes to Raising Funds for their Business? Very grim scenario!

Now, Don’t Worry! We are here to help you. We will teach you – How to Raise Funds for your Business 225 Different Practical ways.
Even if you have a very bad credit history, don’t worry, we have solutions for that too.

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