How to Raise Funds for my Business? How to Fund my Business?How to Raise Money for my Business?  How to Increase my Working Capital?

Probably these are the questions that would haunt every business entrepreneur, all the time. Raising Funds for the business is the single biggest challenge that any entrepreneur anywhere in the world would face. In fact this is the biggest obstacle that aspiring entrepreneurs are facing all over the world.

Governments all over the world are trying various means to provide adequate resources & funds for entrepreneurs. Even though, they have come out with various schemes to provide funds, it is a big disappointment in reality.

Business people, the world over would agree that “Money” is the fuel to drive any business. Without money, it is impractical, to run any business or think about any business.  Any businessman would vouch that raising funds & increasing working capital is the most daunting task that any businessman would face anywhere in the world.

Millions of books have been written all over the world, about every minute aspects of financial management. Everywhere in the world, authors have written about how to manage funds, How to manage working capital etc.

It is quite a pity only a few authors or I would say only a couple of them have attempted to write on – “How to Raise Funds”. Either all the experts in the world have simply forgotten about this subject or simply have neglected this subject or simply do not have knowledge about this topic – “How to Raise Funds”.

All financial consultants & business consulting firms are very smart – They have all the knowledge & expertise, on this earth on how to manage YOUR funds very well & advise you how to handle YOUR Funds very well – And they would charge you a bomb for that, Isn’t it? But they do not have any knowledge on How to Raise Funds, which is a big pity!

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