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General Questions

All the below mentioned questions & queries are very frequently asked by interested participants before joining our seminars. Some of the questions have been directly posed to our president who is the author of the book & the seminar speaker. Hence, most of the questions are directly answered by our President himself.

Absolutely! All the 225 ways, explained are absolutely Legal ways. We have no intention of talking anything illegal. All the 225 Practical ways that has been explained in this book about Raising Funds do exist in the Markets. It is in acceptance, vogue & they are all in Practice.

There must be some hidden agenda behind your seminars & programs?

We are not supported nor promoted by any Bank, Financial institutions, Financial agencies and nor are we promoting any particular bank or financial institution. There is absolutely no hidden agenda of any kind behind our seminars & programs. We are Independent Business consultants trying to help Business Entrepreneurs, Startup companies & entrepreneurs wanting to raise funds for their businesses.

No, we are not promoting any venture capitalists, business funders, banks or financial institutions. The minute we do that, we become completely biased & partial towards them, compromising the genuineness of our programs.

Absolutely No! Our Seminars are very genuine programs being conducted by our President or by other senior people in the industry and is being attended by very genuine participants in all seriousness. There is absolutely no room for any nonsense.

Learning & Education is from cradle to grave – Dr. D.V.Gundappa.

This is what we strongly believe in. If somebody thinks that they know everything, just because they were in the business from the past 20 years, we beg to differ from them. They are highly mistaken.

Let Learning be a continuous process, till grave – Greek Proverb.

Financial illiteracy is not restricted only to uneducated class but is very prevalent even among the urban educated class. There are so many ways that people are simply not aware of. Most of them, I would say 98% of the entrepreneurs worldwide are sticking to the same old time tested methods, when it comes to raising funds for their business. Instead of outrightly rejecting, Why not, keep yourself open to new ideas & new thinking in this new age? It might open a different dimension altogether which might definitely be beneficial to you by many multiple folds.

Whatever be the amount one wants to raise, whether it is small amount, big amount or really huge funds – they have to follow one of the methods explained in the book & seminar. To the best of my knowledge, we have covered all the legal possible methods of raising funds for business. There could be many other ways that I may not be aware of or might not have mentioned in my book. I am always open to know more & learn about it.

How is this possible? I don’t think, it is fair to ask this kind of question. Please go through the brief synopsis of the book which is mentioned here in the website & I am sure you will be convinced. There are 16 different chapters which have been mentioned. Knowing the “Chapter Headings” itself, could give you a good picture, what could be the content of the book & seminar.

Sorry, we are not here for any jokes or to do some pranks. If you are serious to know more about the book/ seminar, please go through the brief synopsis of the book which is mentioned here in the website & I am sure you will be convinced. There are 17 different chapters which have been mentioned. Reading the “Chapter Headings” itself, could give you a good picture, what could be the content of the book & seminar.

No, we are not a group of Chartered accountants. Our is a Consulting firm imparting knowledge on the Practical aspects of the Management. We are also Independent Business educators trying to help Business Entrepreneurs, Startup companies & entrepreneurs wanting to raise funds for their businesses.

No! I am not from the Academics. I have never taught in any Business school. I am a hard core entrepreneur. Before I became an entrepreneur, I was in the Industry. I have written the book & conduct seminar from my hardcore practical experience that I was able to gain from my Industry & entrepreneurial background.

Till now, the Book “How to Raise Funds for your Business 225 Different Practical Ways” was only for Private circulation. This Book is given only to the participants of our Business Seminars as part of Course Material. This Book is not for sale & not been released for the general Public, till now.

Yes! We have conducted our 2 days business seminars, multiple times, in multiple cities in India like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Ernakulam, New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Pune & Hyderabad. 

Imagine you are in a Big Departmental Store or in a shopping mall. There could be a million things over there. Will you pick up all of them or pick up only those things required by you? You will pick only few of them, which is relevant to you. Isn’t it? Similarly all the 225 ways may not be relevant to you. So you got to Pick up the usefull ones, which is relevant to you & to your Industry.

True, these days MBA degrees have become more theoretical, concentrating only on theory & not on PRACTICAL aspects. They give too much emphasis on Management theory, Concepts, assumptions & too little on developing Practical skills. They do not focus on the Real-World, Hands-on Experience and Practical necessities.

In this context, I would like to quote, what Jim Rohn, a leading Motivational speaker, philosopher and entrepreneur says, “Formal education will give you a living; self-education will make you a fortune. Go out and prove that it is your hard work that will get you places, and not the name of your alma mater”.

I don’t think that in any MBA curriculum/ CA syllabus, you study so many ways of raising funds etc. Only about 5-8 ways are studied by students in their courses. But in our seminar, we teach 225 ways which are absolute practical ways which does not come under any college syllabus.

Absolutely! Any entrepreneur looking for funds for their business or for that matter anybody looking for funds can attend our program. People come to our seminar to learn how to raise funds for their business & not to join a college degree. So qualifications does not count here.

This is the Most Ideal & very usefull Program for all those people who are planning to start their own Business Ventures ie “Would be Entrepreneurs”. If you are thinking about starting a Business, this Program will radically boost up your confidence.

You definitely can avoid Years of meaningless hard work and the misery of Losses, failure & frustration by understanding how and where to raise funds for your business. The knowledge you’ll acquire in our seminar will provide you Practical Knowledge about various other Business Aspects as well.

Presently this book is not for Sale to the public. It is only for private circulation. This book is given as part of the course material to all our seminar participants and for those clients who hire us, for business consulting services.

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