All the 225 Practical ways of Raising Funds that has been explained in the Book and Seminar are absolutely Legal ways. We have no intention of talking/promoting anything illegal. These are no “Quick Rich Methods”.
All the 225 Practical ways do exist in the Markets in various parts of the country and in various parts of the world. It is in acceptance, vogue & they are all in Practice.
This Program is not supported nor promoted by any Bank/ Financial institutions/ Financial agencies/ Consultants and nor are we promoting any particular bank or financial institution and nor we are biased & partial to any of them.
There is absolutely no hidden agenda of any kind behind our seminars & programs. There is absolutely no room for any kind of Scams & nor are we promoting any kind of Schemes/ Lottery/ Money multiplying Schemes etc.
We are Independent Business consultants trying to help Business Entrepreneurs, Startup companies & other Business people to Raise Funds for their Businesses, the honest & legal way.