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How to Raise Funds for Your Business
225 Different Practical Ways

How to Raise Funds for my Business? How to Fund my Business?
How to Raise Money for my Business? How to Increase my Working Capital?

Probably these are the questions that would haunt every Business Entrepreneur, all the time, all over the world. Raising Funds for the Business is the Single Biggest Challenge that any Entrepreneur anywhere in the world would face. In fact this is the biggest obstacle that aspiring Entrepreneurs are facing all over the world. Any Businessmen would vouch that raising Funds & Increasing Working Capital is the most daunting task that any Businessmen would face anywhere in the world. The Biggest problem is faced by Small & Medium Enterprise owners. It is very difficult for Small & Medium Enterprise owners to raise Funds. They would face some of the most awkward moments of their life during such situations. Banks just do not entertain, if they do not have proper Financial & Income tax papers. Then, what are the other options that an Entrepreneur of a Small & Medium Business Enterprise has? Unfortunately, the answer is a very frightful – “None”! Financial Experts all over the world have explained only about 10-12 ways of Raising Funds & most of them are very repetitive & are explained in various permutations & combinations.


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Some of the Most Popular Methods Explained, all over the World to raise Funds are from the following resources.

  1. Personal Savings
  2. Family Savings
  3. Friends & Well Wishers
  4. Banks
  5. Mortgage of Property
  1. Insurance
  2. Stock & Shares
  3. Small Business Administration
  4. Angel Investors
  5. Venture Capital

Most of these methods are very basic & known to people all over the world. Who does not know how to Raise Funds from the first 6 ways that is mentioned above? In fact the very first thing that any Business Entrepreneur does after starting any Business or even before starting any Business is to tap into his Personal Savings, Family Savings, seek help from Friends & well wishers, in that order. By these ways, only few thousands can be raised & you consider yourself extremely lucky, if you can raise a Lakh of rupees or slightly more. This much money is just fine to get just started with very basic few things.
The next thing that a Business Entrepreneur does is to approach Banks. If the Banks give & extend business loan, then everything is hunky-dory, to begin with. The challenge is – What if the banks reject the Business Loan proposals? Doomed they are!.
It is a very well-known fact that more than 85% of the Business Loan Proposals get rejected by the banks, throughout the world? Only very few lucky ones get their Proposals through. Banks have found out more ways and have adopted more procedures to disapprove your Proposal than to approve the Proposals.

After the banks have rejected their Business Loan proposals, then entrepreneurs think about mortgaging their properties. Then Raising Loans by pledging their Insurance policies, Stock & Shares is again a known thing, which is not something new or a great suggestion.

Millions of Books have been written all over the world, about every minute aspect of Financial Management. Everywhere in the world, authors have written about how to Manage Funds, How to Manage Working Capital, etc.

It is quite a pity that very few authors or I would say only a couple of them have attempted to write on – How to Raise Funds. Either all the experts in the world have simply forgotten about this subject or simply have neglected this subject or simply do not have knowledge about this topic – How to Raise Funds?.

All Financial consultants & Business Consulting Firms are very smart – They have all the knowledge & expertise, on this earth on how to manage YOUR funds very well & advice you how to handle YOUR Funds very well – And they would charge you a Bomb for that, Isn’t it? But they do not have any knowledge on How to Raise Funds, which is a big pity!


 80-85% of all Business Loan Proposals, submitted to Banks are rejected ?
 97% of all Proposals submitted to Investment Bankers are rejected?
 Only 2-3 Proposals out of every 200 are picked up by Venture capitalists?

All over the Internet, various authors talk about SBA. Small Business Administration is only in the United States of America. Raising capital from Angel Investors & Venture Capitalists are 2 different practical methods that is being explained all over the world, all over the Internet by every Expert in the field. But how Practical it is?

Apart from the above mentioned 10 different ways, there are some other crazy ways that is explained all over the Internet. I mention some of those methods & suggestions here. The Experts suggest organizing the following, Events & Contests to Raise Funds for the Business. Just consider these……..

Organise Ugly Dog Contest, Beer Tasting, Bake Sale, Dog wash, Raffle, Drinking for a Cause, Wine tasting, Ladies brunch, Cake walk, Movie Screening, Cooking Class, Ice cream Social, Walk a thon, Jump a thon, Dance a thon, Historic Re enactment, Formal Dinner, Street festival, Pub Crawl, Organise Paid Dinner party…..

Car wash, Car Dry, Eating Contest, All you can eat breakfast, Lip sync contest, Lemonade stand, Pet auction, Pet rental, Date auction, Food fight, Petting zoo, Door to door flyer distribution, Scavenging, Secret Santa, Camp for kids, Candle sales, Plant sale, Speed dating, Baby sitting, Private chef, Bar tending, Letter writing Competition, Barbecue, Surprising Guests with your own Nude calendar…………

If I suggest these methods to any Business Entrepreneur, I will not be surprised, If People call me Insane or throw stones at me, on my car & on my house. I have no idea, how these Experts have suggested that Entrepreneurs can Raise Funds for their Business by adopting these means. Probably they can raise just enough money to buy one or two meals for themselves. I noticed there was absolute dearth of knowledge on this particular subject not only in India but all over the world. Except going to Banks, Mortgaging their family Jewelery, Business Entrepreneurs all over the world just do not have any different ideas how to Raise Funds for their Business.

Throughout the world, only about 10-15 ways are explained in all sorts of permutations & combinations and sometimes, very vaguely too. And there are many tips & suggestions found on the Internet, which are absolutely impractical & makes no sense. Some of the suggestions are absolute nonsense.

Hence, I came out with a very unique program in my Business School ie at “National Business School for PRACTICAL MBA”, to help out all the Small & Medium Business Enterprise owners and as well as aspiring Entrepreneurs for whom the initial Funds are a major problem & Obstacle.

This Program was called – How to Raise Funds for your Business, Increase Working Capital and Run your Business without any Financial Tensions. Not only was this Program very successful, it was very much appreciated by one & all. Then I did lot of research on this subject and with my own Practical experience,I came out with 50 ways of Raising Funds. Then 50 became 108 & then to 151 & then to 175 and then finally it has become 225 Different ways.

The entrepreneurs would know only few standard ways apart from the usual ones which are found in all books. They struggle all their lives trying to Raise Funds not knowing & not aware that there are many ways to raise Funds. This is what prompted me to write this book on this subject.

By writing a book on this subject. I realised that I will be doing a great help & service to all the business entrepreneurs who are constantly in a state of turmoil regarding funds for their business. They will always be running around for funds for very survival, leave alone development. I have seen from my own experience that many businesses get closed due to lack of funds at the appropriate time.

Hence I started writing a book on this subject & I took nearly 2 years to complete this book – “How to Raise Funds for your Business 225 Different Practical Ways”.

I have made a very sincere attempt to write on this subject which nobody has ever done in the past, anywhere in the world.

Probably this is the First & only book that is available in the world on this subject of – “How to RAISE Funds?”.

225 Different Practical Ways explained in 17 Different Chapters

This book really, Unique! Nowhere in the world, anybody has ever made an attempt to explain 225 different Practical ways of Raising Funds for Business, which are highly Practical & implementable right away, as I have done in this book. How funds can be raised is explained in 17 Different Chapters. Again from each Chapter, I have explained, so many ways to Raise Funds totaling to 225 different Practical ways. I have covered from the Most Simple ways to the most sophisticated ways of Raising Funds including raising funds from the Public. I have even covered how to raise Funds from the International & Foreign sources as well.

The Details of the 17 Different Chapters/ Resources from where 225 Different Practical ways of Raising Funds are discussed under the following chapters.

How to Raise Funds ……

  1. From Personal Resources
  2. From Internal Resources
  3. From Professionals in the Society
  4. By Smartening the Process & Strategies
  5. From Commercial Banks
  6. By Marketing on Your “Brand” Goodwill
  7. From Private Financiers
  8. By Way of Partnership
  1. From Industry Supporting Bodies
  2. From Entrepreneurship Nurturing Bodies
  3. From Non Banking Financial Corporations
  4. By Way of Management Dilution
  5. By Way of Debt Finance
  6. Special Structured Loans
  7. From Government Agencies & Departments
  8. By Foreign Funds
  9. By Public Funds

This Book will give a Fantastic opportunity to learn 225 Different Practical Ways to Raise Funds & Increase Working Capital so that Business Entrepreneurs can run their Business without any financial tensions. These are the Most Practical tips that any businessmen can get, in this world. These are No Nonsensical ideas but are absolutely Practical & Realistic which can be implemented- Right Today. All the 225 Practical ways that has been explained in this book about Raising Funds do exist in the Markets. It is in acceptance, vogue & they are all in Practice. All the 225 ways of Raising Funds that has been explained in this book are absolutely legal.These are NO “Get Rich Quick” methods. This book is a Great Eye Opener for Business Entrepreneurs looking for Funds. Even Non business people looking for Funds for any other purpose like while conducting a marriage at home, while building a house etc also can benefit from this book. These Practical advices & tips are not found in any single Book anywhere in the world. No author or consultant has ever dared to write on this subject. All these ideas are not even found in the Internet. This book will give many ideas for entrepreneurs to raise funds in an emergency kind of crunch situation, where funds are required immediately to tide over a Crisis or to make some adjustments, it is next to impossible to raise a Business loan of say Rs 5.00 to 10.00 Lakh of rupees. All the ways that are explained in this book are very usefull & will be really very helpful for Small & Medium Enterprise owners to raise Funds. All these ways are very usefull & will be really very helpful for Small & Medium Enterprise owners to raise Funds especially in an emergency kind of crunch situation. Nothing is Fictional about this book & nor about its different ways or practices & nor have I talked about any theories or stories and nor have I invented any of these ways & methods.

Credit History Tracking Agencies

There is a separate Part in the book about the Credit Tracking agencies as well. Many People including many business entrepreneurs are not aware of Credit History Tracking Agencies. People keep on applying for various banks & financial institutions without having any knowledge about Credit History Tracking Agencies and credit ratings etc. In this book, I have not only explained about them but also about the credit ratings & how relevant are they in getting a business loan. Without the knowledge of the CIBIL & other Credit History Tracking Agencies, people apply for loans only to get rejected. Some of the sections in this Chapter have really startled & have given Sleepless nights to many of my Participants in so many ways. Many of the Participants in the Seminars were Bankers & Bank Managers. Most of them have really appreciated but some of them have disliked my Program for being out rightly very frank & bold. I have opened the readers to a New Practical & Realistic world which is full of Opportunities but at the same time very harsh & cunning.