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We are a Business Consulting Company based at Bangalore, India. We are in the business of advising, guiding and offering Very Innovative Ideas, Life changing suggestions and Game changing strategies on various business issues like “How to Raise Funds for Business” which can be implemented – “Right Today & Now!” We provide these solutions to our clients by way of Business Seminars, Conferences & Private Independent Consulting.

We are the Business Consulting arm of “National Business School for PRACTICAL MBA”. We are part of “National Business School for PRACTICAL MBA” an institution founded as an “Effective Alternate” to the usual run of the mill, degree granting business schools which have sprouted all over. For more details on “National Business School For PRACTICAL MBA”,  www.practicalmba.in 

We are India’s only Business Consulting Organisation, advising & guiding business owners and business Start up entrepreneurs, how to Raise funds for business 225 different practical ways, how to raise business capital, how to raise small business loans and finally how to raise money for business from various alternate sources other than banks & financial institutions and also suggesting start up entrepreneurs various other sources of funds for business start up.

We advise business owners, Entrepreneurs & Start up entrepreneurs, how to raise funds for business, close to 250 different practical ways, which can be implemented immediately, right today from various sources like the Banks, NBFC, Various Financial Institutions, Entrepreneurship nurturing bodies, various business Startup Funds, Private sources, MSME, Partnerships, Equity dilution, special structured loans, Government agencies, Foreign & international investors, professionals in the society & Public. 

We also discuss more than 125 solid reasons, why the business loan applications & proposals of business entrepreneurs, are being rejected repeatedly by various banks & financial institutions and how to rectify them so that their next attempt should go through successfully.

Please visit/ click here:  www.whybanksrejectloans.com

Our Mission

Our Mission is to ensure that all the Citizens in this country should be able to get the required financial assistance to meet their most “Genuine Needs” especially during emergencies and MSME Business Owners & Startup Entrepreneurs should get the required financial assistance not only to start their dream ventures but also to grow & prosper since we strongly believe that this is one of the most practical ways for our country’s economy to grow, prosper & flourish.

Our Vision

“No Genuine person in need of Money for their genuine purpose should be denied or deprived of any financial assistance”. Our country should be able to meet the genuine “financial” requirements of every Citizen in this country, at their most desired times and most reasonable rates.

Is there any way better than this, for the country’s people to be happy and the economy to grow, prosper & flourish? It is our firm belief that every Citizen in this country, requiring finance to meet his genuine needs is a visionary by himself who would contribute to the Country’s prosperity directly or indirectly in one way or the other.

Hence, our Vision is to ensure that every citizen in the country, be it a Common man or a businessman, be able to access the required “Finance” without any hassles or problems or rejections and at the most reasonable rates and at the most desired times.

Our Philosophy

“No Success or achievement in material terms is worthwhile unless it serves the need or interest of the country & its people and is achieved by Fair & honest means” –                       J.R.D. Tata, Indian Industrialist

At NBS Business Consulting, we not only follow this message but also very strongly believe in this. What is the point in somebody achieving Great Success in monetary terms, if it is not achieved by Fair & Honest means? This kind of achievement definitely will be of no help to the Country or its people or to the Society at large.

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Management Team

At NBS Business Consulting , the Management is absolutely “PRACTICAL & Forward looking”, striving to establish its professional management skills in the global arena through its innovative Training solutions.The Management team at NBS Business Consulting is headed by our President Mr. N. Surya Prakash, who has more than 30 years of working experience both as an entrepreneur & as an employee. The other Members of our team have sound Management qualifications with the best mix of qualifications and experience in various aspects of management. NBS Business Consulting has a strong association with many Independent consultants who are Subject Matter Experts & authorities in their respective fields.

Mr. N. Surya Prakash

funds for business

Mr. N. Surya Prakash had the Privilege of working in some of the Top Indian, American & European Multinational Companies. He holds an MBA Post graduate Degree from the University of Missouri, USA.

He started his career as Marketing Executive & rose gradually to almost all the Senior positions in the Management field. His Career graph went straight like a rocket, from Marketing Executive – Area Manager – Regional Manager – General Manager – Head of Strategic Business Unit – Vice President – CEO – Managing Director & finally to become a Successful Entrepreneur.

Mr. N. Surya Prakash has got many Firsts to his credit, while he was working with various Multinational companies.

Mr. N. Surya Prakash was also associated with 3 Startup Companies, which he very successfully steered into well established Profit making companies, now having many branches all over India & world. He has also established & set up two Indian MNC Software company in the Middle Eastern Markets.

He has experience in various industry verticals like Software, Real estate & construction, Hospitality etc.

Currently Mr. N. Surya Prakash is an author, entrepreneur and an independent business educator.

In addition to NBS Business Consulting, Mr. N. Surya Prakash is also the Founder President & CEO of “National Business School for PRACTICAL MBA”. He founded this institution as an “Effective Alternate” to the usual run of the mill, degree granting business schools which have sprouted all over.

The main philosophy and the underlying principle in all his Books and his Business School is to impart knowledge on the “PRACTICAL ASPECTS” of the business which is relevant to today’s scenario.

He is also a Serial Entrepreneur. He is the Founder President of a Software Consulting firm which is specialized in “Smart Sourcing” a concept, which is his brain child and is being implemented in different parts of the world.

In addition to the above, Mr. Surya Prakash has authored several books. Some of the notable Books in the business context are as follows

All these books are literally the first of their kind in the world. These books are really, Unique! Nowhere in the world, has anybody ever made an attempt to explain “How Funds can be RAISED?” Mr. Surya Prakash is the only author in the world for not only writing on this subject but also explaining as many as 225 different Practical ways of Raising Funds for Business, which are highly Practical & implementable – Right Today & Now!

He has conducted numerous Conferences, Seminars, and Practical workshops on various aspects of Management & other technical subjects throughout India & in various parts of the world.

He has also advised many government bodies in India & also in different parts of the world regarding the Management of Utilities like Water & Power.

He has traveled very widely all over the world & has acquired rich experience, especially in different Practical aspects of Management Functioning across the world.